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Our Objectives

We have worked according to the objectives that were defined at the Wits Colloquium in 2009. 
These objectives are:

1. To commence a sustained critical dialogue amongst academics and higher education administrators about the continuing impact of racism on the higher education sector, as well as the means to programmatically counter this impact.

2. To examine the ongoing impact of racism on teaching, learning and research in the higher education sector in South Africa (e.g. the impact of racism on classroom practices, curriculum development, research production, behavior of students and lecturers, assessment, promotions and appointments, the career advancement of academics, the availability of mentorship and support.)

3. To examine the impact of the widely reported racist incidents at various South African universities over the last few years, both on the higher education sector and in broader South African society.

4. To develop interventions that can assist in addressing the issues raised under points 1 to 3 above.

5. To explore the need for focused anti-racist programmes in the higher education sector. 


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